Case Study
November 7, 2020

Discover how Surfhouse Boutique Hotel broke out of the mold

Discover how Surfhouse Boutique Hotel broke out of the mold

Campaign: Unlock the Ultimate California Experience

Client: Surfhouse Boutique Hotel
Deliverable: Brand film


Surfhouse guests enjoying an immersive local’s experience in Leucadia, CA. While their attention to detail is apparent in every single room at this boutique hotel, we didn’t want to narrowly focus on this single aspect of the guest's stay. We wanted to instead showcase the Southern California lifestyle and the Leucadia community that Surfhouse guests get to be part of.

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By investing in their brand, Surfhouse was able to drive 8x impressions online compared to the previous video campaign. This engagement allowed them to increase RevPAR 25% in a single year since the launch of the film.

We created a shot list with several locations ranging from the hotel to the beach—showcasing all of the activities guests would get to enjoy in the tight-knit community. They were lead on this journey by the co-owner of the hotel, Nikki Harth. The art direction used the established palette of warm tones and light blues that were meant to conjure feelings of summer and tie into the established style guide. The look was refined in post-production, which created a consistent look across the entire film.

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